Did you see the cat of your dreams on our Available Cats page? Or did you fall in love with a kitten you encountered at one of our Meet & Greets? All of our cats are in foster homes. To meet this cat in person, please send an email to adoption@kittyrevolution.org. Include your name, your contact info (phone number or email), as well as the name of the cat/kitten you’re interested in adopting. Someone will get back to you to talk with you about our adoption process. Please note: Kitty Revolution is comprised of volunteers. We strive to respond to your inquiries in a day but sometimes it may take a couple of days.

Kitty Revolution was founded by a group of passionate, dedicated cat enthusiasts who are devoted to saving and improving the lives of the overlooked and otherwise discarded cats in our community. Rescue isnʼt just about cute kittens; itʼs about the scared, shy, dirty, unwanted cats, too. The older ones. The ones whose spirits have been broken, who have forgotten or maybe never learned how to trust, the ones who need time and patience and then more time. Itʼs about the ones with serious medical needs and chronic illnesses. Itʼs about meeting cats where theyʼre at and understanding how far they can go.