Bike Tune-Up


We’ll clean, degrease, and apply lubricant to your bike. We’ll inspect the bike for loose parts (and tighten if we can). We’ll also check the air pressure on your tires.



Is your bike in need of a tune-up? Bring your bike to us and we’ll give it a tuning. What does that include?

Cleaning and degreasing – Your bike will be cleaned from top to bottom. The chain, chainrings, freewheel, derailleurs, brakes and rims will be thoroughly degreased and dried. The chain and other key parts of the drivetrain will be treated with a high-quality lubricant.

Inspection – We’ll check the tire pressure and fill those saggy tires. We’ll check cables, nuts, and bolts. We’ll check the alignment. Finally, we’ll make sure only the things that are supposed to jiggle actually do and will adjust/tighten the wiggly things.

If you’d like other services, we can provide those, too, for an additional fee.

  • Adjust Brakes – $20
  • Adjust gears: $30
  • Wheel Truing: $20-40 (depending on how many spokes we have to adjust)


  • When: May 22nd
  • What: Drop off is 8am. Pick up is by 3pm (we’ll text you when it’s ready).
  • Where: 3725 Oregon Ave S, St. Louis Park 55426
  • Need more information? Email


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