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Each Friday we’ll feature a foster in need of a Fairy Godparent, someone who can supply them with their favorite treats or meals from time to time (the frequency is up to you – monthly, quarterly, whatever fits your budget). Let us know when you’ve ordered their item and we’ll send you an update about that foster.


Petaluma is our first cinderella, the first foster feature. Petaluma along with her friend Murietta have been with Kitty Revolution the longest – in fact, they were our very first intakes! Petaluma comes from a hoarder house, filled to the rafters with garbage. She and Murietta learned to survive by avoiding the rest of the cats in the house. Too much stuff, too many cats. The two of them lived up in the rafters. They were some of the easier cats to catch in the house because the people who trapped them didn’t have to navigate through the towers of stuff. So much stuff! Years later, Petaluma and Murietta still prefer to live up high. They spend a lot of their time up on the highest shelf in the room. They do have friends in the room and they often come down to curl up with a friend or two. They still have a strong mistrust of humans so when a human enters, they head for their shelf. Petaluma does chatter up a storm to her caregiver at meal time, which proves she doesn’t hate her. She and Murietta are still working on trust.
They’ve been with us for over three years and we’ll continue to give them time to unwind. They don’t hate humans. They just don’t trust them yet.
Petaluma does love her food. Her favorite is Weruva Paw Lickin’ Pals Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Cat Food (5.5-oz, case of 24… she’s very specific). If you’d like to be her Fairy Godparent, you could purchase it from our Chewy wish list – In return for sending her favorite meal, Petaluma will gladly update you on her life on the top shelf.


Nessie has been with us since April of 2019. She has taken all this time to trust humans. You might remember our post in April of 2021 – Nessie purred for the first time EVER! Since then Nessie has made enormous progress. Nessie purrs EVERY DAY. Are you ready for the biggest news of all? Nessie is a lap cat!!! That’s right. Nessie LOVES to be petted and purrs up a storm as she sits on her caregiver’s lap.
The way to Nessie’s heart is through her stomach. Nessie is very food motivated. Her favorite meal is Fancy Feast. And what Nessie wants, Nessie gets. If you’d like to be her Fairy Godparent, Nessie would love it if you sent her some Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Pack Canned Cat Food (3-oz, case of 24). You can purchase it from our Chewy wish list –
In return for sending her favorite meal, Nessie will regale you with stories about lap time.